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Buy Oxycodone Oxycodone is a prescription medicine that falls into the category of medicines called narcotic painkillers or opioid painkillers.

Oxycodone is available in the market in five different forms:

Immediate release:
Immediate release form of a medicine means that the contents Buy Oxycodone Online of it gets released into the bloodstream as soon as it’s used. Immediate release form of oxycodone is available both as a tablet as well as capsule. The immediate release tablets and capsules are both oral (meaning that they can are taken through mouth).

These tablets are available with the brand names of Roxybond, Oxaydo and Roxicodone. They are also available as generic drugs, with lesser price as compared to the brand-name ones. Buy Oxycodone Online

Extended release:
Extended release form of a medicine means that its active contents/ingredients get released into the bloodstream gradually after it’s used. Extended release form of oxycodone is also available as a capsule and tablet. The extended release forms of oxycodone are oral. They are available in the market with the brand name of OxyContin. These tablets are not available as generic drugs.

Uses of Oxycodone 80mg:
Oxycodone is an analgesic, and that too a narcotic one. It means that it’s used to relieve pain by inducing narcotic effects on a person’s Central Nervous generic for adderall cost System. Oxycodone is used to treat moderate as well as severe pain, depending upon the condition of the patient.

The extended release capsules or tablets of oxycodone are used in case of long-standing severe pain which cannot be treated with other pain medications. The extended release versions of oxycodone shouldn’t be used to treat the kind of pain which is temporary and can be controlled with as-needed analgesics.

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